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a picture a day keeps the doctor away  | Switzerland  url
a picture a day is a simple collection of photos, from my life. this is the world I see, the world I feel. this is the world I love and the world I live.
m a r t a . c o m  | Spain  url
Finding special moments, details, colors, lights, situations and places. Photography by Marta Barceló.
Work Hard & Starve  | Germany  url
Hobbyist photographer, with a great interest in Macro, Nature and Landscape photography,
Devon Photography  | United Kingdom  url
A UK photography blog by Dave Gibbeson, strongly inspired by the Sea and local landscapes.
:photoschau  | Germany  url
photos from places, things, peoples and nature
NJ & SB Photography  | Spain  url
A photoblog by Núria Jordan & Salvador Barceló
Andrei Barbu photography  | Romania  url
Here u can see my works!
World through my eyes. Javier Salazar  | Spain  url
Simply photoblog to show best of me, personal and creative vision of this world. World through my eyes.
[daily dose of imagery]  | Canada  url
A pic each day to strike your imagination. Enjoy!
La Photo Authentique  | France  url
La photo au quotidien pour une autre vision sur le monde.
Yevgen Timashov Photography  | Ukraine  url
Photoblog of Ukraine based landscape and nature photographer Yevgen Timashov.
Lux Enigmae  | Slovenia  url
Random photos from everyday's life.
Christof Simon Photography  | Austria  url
Landscape photography from the Austrian based photographer Christof Simon. Most pictures show the mountains of Tyrol and South Tyrol. In particular Christof Simon likes the spectacular peaks of the Dolomites.
14.  | Germany  url
a parallel reality
rataki  | France  url
thoughts and wanders in image of my everyday life's odyssey.
Archerfoto  | Sweden  url
Pictures from the south of Sweden, with some studio and other travel pictures.
17.  | Sweden  url
um. lines and shapes and everyday. i guess.
David Kleinert Photography  | Australia  url
Australian nature & wildlife photography
MUTE  | Canada  url
Mute is a photoblog.
Daily Walks  | United States  url
Photographs by Diane Varner on her Daily Walks along the Northern California coastline and mountain trails...seascapes, landscapes, insects, animals, found objects and macro images.

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