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Work Hard & Starve  | Germany  url
Hobbyist photographer, with a great interest in Macro, Nature and Landscape photography,
m a r t a . c o m  | Spain  url
Finding special moments, details, colors, lights, situations and places. Photography by Marta Barceló.
La Photo Authentique  | France  url
La photo au quotidien pour une autre vision sur le monde.
A Walk Through Durham Township  | United States  url
Landscape and portraiture photography from rural Pennsylvania.
NJ & SB Photography  | Spain  url
A photoblog by Núria Jordan & Salvador Barceló
Javier S??nchez // El Mundo desde mis ojos  | Spain  url
A spanish photoblog full of artistic expression. Beautiful images of people, dreamed landscapes.
Les Particules Etranges vol.4  | France  url
The city of Paris and occasionally somewhere in France. Black and white & color, urban, street, people, landscape and nature.
David Kleinert Photography  | Australia  url
Australian nature & wildlife photography
World through my eyes. Javier Salazar  | Spain  url
Simply photoblog to show best of me, personal and creative vision of this world. World through my eyes.
Devon Photography  | United Kingdom  url
A UK photography blog by Dave Gibbeson, strongly inspired by the Sea and local landscapes.
bluechameleon photography  | Canada  url
To say I take photographs constantly may be a bit of a stretch, but it's fairly close to being an accurate statement. I like to feel what is around me, then try capturing that moment...hopefully making the photograph more than just something visual.
Moodswings  | Italy  url
Landscape and Fine Art Photography
13.  | Canada  url
Urban pictures from Montreal and elsewhere in english et en fran??ais
:photoschau  | Germany  url
photos from places, things, peoples and nature
[daily dose of imagery]  | Canada  url
A pic each day to strike your imagination. Enjoy!
Daily Walks  | United States  url
Photographs by Diane Varner on her Daily Walks along the Northern California coastline and mountain trails...seascapes, landscapes, insects, animals, found objects and macro images.
DeJa Photo From Lens To Picture  | Sweden  url
Pictures mostly from sweden Travel, people , nature, black&white , Macro Sport windsurf etc etc 2012 new blog !!
18.  | Switzerland  url
pictures from switzerland, especially landscapes and mountain sceneries. also some shots from journeys in new zealand, iceland, philippines, scotland, maldives and others... enjoy and thanks for visiting!
subsignal  | Vietnam  url
Some pictures from my almost 8 years living in Hanoi, Vietnam, mixed with a bit of travel ... It's all just good fun, particularly the trips on my motorcycle, that usually ends up in plenty of images left to rot on my HD :-) Let me know what you think!
Intelligent Cloud  | Germany  url
A collection of ubanscapes to remember as the days go by.

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