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Work Hard & Starve  | Germany  url
Hobbyist photographer, with a great interest in Macro, Nature and Landscape photography,
Moodswings  | Italy  url
Landscape and Fine Art Photography
[daily dose of imagery]  | Canada  url
A pic each day to strike your imagination. Enjoy!
a picture a day keeps the doctor away  | Switzerland  url
a picture a day is a simple collection of photos, from my life. this is the world I see, the world I feel. this is the world I love and the world I live.
5.  | Germany  url
a parallel reality
Veallymon  | China  url
where are the souls in?
7.  | Germany  url
Captured moments by Dirk Kirchner.
XPP : P H O T O B L O G  | Italy  url
Personal photoblog - Mirko Chessari (Catania - Sicily) - Black and white and color photo, urban, landscape, street, self-portrait. - Analog and digital photography, with a digital Nikon D800 and an analog Nikon F3.
Ever Present  | United States  url
photographs of places and times in my life ..
eletrolite  | United States  url
Eletrolite is a scrapbook of sorts for me. A place to put my photographs in some collected manner. As well as an ongoing project to motivate me creatively.
NJ & SB Photography  | Spain  url
A photoblog by Núria Jordan & Salvador Barceló
Les Particules Etranges vol.4  | France  url
The city of Paris and occasionally somewhere in France. Black and white & color, urban, street, people, landscape and nature.
:photoschau  | Germany  url
photos from places, things, peoples and nature
La Photo Authentique  | France  url
La photo au quotidien pour une autre vision sur le monde.
PAUSES  | Canada  url
Toronto's true colours.
World through my eyes. Javier Salazar  | Spain  url
Simply photoblog to show best of me, personal and creative vision of this world. World through my eyes.
Trapped Light  | Iran  url
Farsad and Behzad Ghaffarian photoblog
Mike Jungwirth / Photoblog  | Austria  url
Nature / Macro / Landscape
Pixtream  | Russia  url
A Photoblog by Andrey Samolinov. Here you can find my personal vision of the surrounding world saved into colorful pictures
m a r t a . c o m  | Spain  url
Finding special moments, details, colors, lights, situations and places. Photography by Marta Barceló.

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