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Primarily Black and White - Film (35mm and Medium Format) and Digital Conversions - On the West Coast of Canada - Vancouver Region
bluechameleon photography  
To say I take photographs constantly may be a bit of a stretch, but it's fairly close to being an accurate statement. I like to feel what is around me, then try capturing that moment...hopefully making the photograph more than just something visual.
Tom's pic-o-matic  
Some of the odd little things I notice as I saunter around every day...
d o u c y  
Haphazard urban, abstract, Vancouver street photography. Looking for magic in the every-day.
Eyes and Lenses  
A second look at the ordinary.
Moods and Tones of Vancouver  
Street and landscape photography from Vancouver.
Nicholson Rd, Daily  
A visual survey of the communities, landmarks, and natural landscapes in the Metro Vancouver area.
S.D. Jackson Photography  
S.D. Jackson Photography features photos from my journeys around the Pacific North-West.
Darren Hull Photographer  
The blog of photographer Darren Hull. A Dad, Husband, and Photographer documenting his projects and passion.
Lost Swell  
A photo diary that spans Vancouver, Halifax, St. John's, and coming soon... Toronto. Focuses on street, nature, and scenery, and the comfort of home.
Life in Frames  
An extensive and ongoing portfolio of Digital Color and B&W photography
James Wheeler's Photo Blog  
Photo blog with a variety of my best travel photos. I love to shoot landscapes and am experimenting with HDR but post all types of photos to the blog.
katie huisman  
this blog features real life and everyday people captured with instant film, representing the source of my inspiration. my commercial website is:
A photo blog of the real Vancouver.
Latent Image Photoblog  
Images of the City of Toronto, Canada and other cities visited by the photographer such as Vancouver, Calgary and Beyond.
Spark Project: tending the habit of daily observation, the practice of simply looking and paying attention, the project is a way of slowing down time, marking each day.
film photography using classic vintage cameras
Totally Like me  
an exploration of the everyday...
Camera Lucid Photography  
Documentary and landscape photography of my travels through Canada and southern Africa.
muse the hollow  
Muse the Hollow is a project born of my fascination with photography and the ability of imagery to engage altered perceptions and experiences of our ordinary, and not so ordinary world.

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