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friskyPics - a photoBlog from a geek...I travel the world and take pictures and post them on the internets.
Nocturama Fotoblog  
Photoblog from Barcelona. A photoblog by Marcelo Aurelio. Street photography, urban, landscapes, people, portraits, travel photography, etc.
Yevgen Timashov's photoblog  
Here you can find photos from my travels in Ukraine, Russia and other countries, stories and articles about photography techniques, gallery of my best shots. Favourite subjects of my photos: landscape and nature. The blog in Russian.
Travel and day to day photography by Thomas Krebs
Pictures from the south of Sweden, with some studio and other travel pictures.
Cazador de Instantes  
This is a blog in which I try to share stories, those that I lived and those lived by others... mostly from my country, PARAGUAY, and others from places I travel in South America, because I like to combine two of my great passions: photography and writing
Photo Traces  
Travel and Landscape Photography from Montreal, Canada by Viktor Elizarov  
My everyday life photoblog. Travel, studio, portraits, architecture, abstract and everything inbetween.
Framed and Shot  
Travel, architecture, HDR, macro, street photography, portrait and nature - from all around the world.
Some pictures from my almost 9 years living in Hanoi, Vietnam, mixed with a bit of travel ... It's all just good fun, particularly the trips on my motorcycle, that usually ends up in plenty of images left to rot on my HD :-) Let me know what you think!
Momentary Awe  
Popular Dubai based travel photoblog looking at both the Middle Eastern region and the world through unusual and fresh photographs.
gosu - a visual record  
The photoblog of Jason Strachan. Images from South Africa, Australia and whevever else my travels take me.
djib's Photoblog  
Travel and day-life pictures.
Abstract, comical + philosophical photography. (mystery, street, travel, people, b&w, black and white, Tilt and Shift, Canon 5D)
Enrique Vidal : Photoblog  
I am a documentary photographer and a physical oceanographer (currently carrying out research for my PhD). I specialize in documentary-style travel and location photography as well as nature, landscape and creative performance.
Daily photoblog. Life, travel, anything...
An eclectic mix of images from Southern Ontario, Canada. Because my home base is Hamilton (steel city), I try and show a balanced mix of industrial and city scapes. Having said that, I also like to travel and document the places I've been.  
daily life, people, shapes, work, travels, experimenting, underwater, underwaterrugby  
Creative work out of what I see in my daily life, and on the travels I do.
photo dive bar  
A documentarian & photo essayist: Photo Dive Bar depicts an ever-growing and fleeting library of photographic essays encapsulating current assignments, travel, exploration and, most of all, the wondrous quotidian. All photographs by Jess Smith

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