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daily snap and text blog
daily snappin' in OSAKA,JAPAN
Landscape, nature and architecture photography (or HDR)
osaka/japan photographer official web wordpress blog
daily snap
snap and usual in JAPAN
Piece Of My Life  
Images from daily life in one form or another.
Andante Photography  
Please enjoy beautiful pictures and fantastic photographs I have taken in Osaka, Japan. Being not well-known, Osaka is a neighbouring city to Kyoto and Nara. I hope my photos will tell more than words like haiku.
osaka / japan photograpfer Female
a record  
osaka/Japan Photographer B&W color Film & Digital Camera /
a picture a day used to be japanese street and people now it's the same, but in China.
Nihon Dashi  
A taste of Japan.
A Shot in the Dark  
Truly a shot in the dark. I'll shoot anything and everything in an attempt to find a theme, a style, a message or something. The name puns on the special place in my heart for night photography.
I am shooting mainly in Osaka, Japan.
a grain of air  
some places
Quiet Time in the Daily Life  
Quiet time with monochrome photos.
Yoshinobu Mishima Photography  
Shooting photography's blog based on cities of Japan.
L'entrepôt – 倉庫  
Photoblog d'un Français installé à Osaka au Japon. Prédilection pour les paysages urbains et la géométrie.

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