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journey of ants  
small me is walking on the way of life. this is a record of my journey.
Pablo Menezo Photos  
Space where public part of my work, which I hope will follow evolving, partly thanks to all who pass through this blog and comment both if they like, and if not, constructive criticism is always well received
I'm fond of macro photography and have entered a magic tiny world filled with flowers, frogs and fairytales... Some of them will end up here among photos from the big world :o) Photos: Nature, animals and creative photos will come as time passes by??
Patricia Fidalgo  
Andante Photography  
Please enjoy beautiful pictures and fantastic photographs I have taken in Osaka, Japan. Being not well-known, Osaka is a neighbouring city to Kyoto and Nara. I hope my photos will tell more than words like haiku.
Some of my photos are taken by me on my travels around the world. I also photograph my friends and their families as well as other things around me that catch my eye.
noBBy????s *photolabo*  
I photograph a street snap.????
I take a photograph in RICOH GR DIGITAL2 and R8.
On the way to the office  
Multi-author photoblog for pictures taken on the way to work (or from work back home).
Un Espa??ol en Jap??n  
Photoblog about different countries in Asia, but mainly Japan
Rajanish Kumar Jain  
Street Photographer from Varanasi(banaras)
Salomon-Fotografie | capture the moment  
My blog started in September 2013 as a privat project. I'm focused on portraits and sports. In my blog I write about photography in genaral and I provide tips and tricks how to improve your photography.

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