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The Pedestrian. Urbanscapes  
Urban, suburban, and periurban landscapes in Switzerland and Italy. A project of a pedestrian flaneur geographer photographer walker tourist ... From Lake Geneva and Jura to Milan and Genoa ...
p a s c i . i t  
An eclectic collection of Italy's uncommon beauties - by Pascal Marolla - entirely made in Italy
looking for the beauty of imperfection in a boring afternoon
ill-lighted Corridor  
Mostly travel photography and things that homo sapiens may find interesting!
urban and architectural shots from cities such as paris, New York, Milan, Roma and much more. Wide angles, street shots, cityscapes, buildings, HDR,
In my viewfinder  
I try to comprehend what is going on around me through my viewfinder.
In A Lonely Place  
Black & White street photography since 1991, London, Rio, Milan, Tokyo and Stevenage. The people that are invisible in a crowd are those that interest me most.
Street Photography  
A Street Photography blog I live to shoot pictures and I shoot pictures to live
A daily photoblog by Chiara Carrara
Death of Youth  
"Death of Youth" This project stems from the idea that when a man turns thirty, he reaches a threshold where the possibility of fulfilling youthful fantasies ceases to exist.
Kotaro Photography/ A journey of art  
Currently on traveling through beautiful Europe from Milan to Berlin. Please visit my blog and enjoy the photos. I'd love to hear from you any comment!! Facebook Page:
"There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer"
A personal photographic diary taken along life, sensations, daily stories. My point of view on life experiences, and a little bit of music here and there..
Davidikus - ze diary of an exile in London  
Not just another "one photo a day" blog ; a visual diary, of things that have inspired, interested or shocked me, one day or another! Shot mostly in London, Paris, Milan, Rio de Janeiro... Cambridge, too!
MixYourShot - Photography in action  
I'm Raffaele Cabras, an italian photographer from Sardinia, the beautiful island in the middle of mediterranean sea: this is where I took much part of my photo portfolio. I love landscapes, black&white, hdr, long exposures, stars trails... (Andrea Gracis Photography)  
The Andrea Gracis Photoblog, since 2009. This is a simple photo collection. Main categories are: urban photography, landscapes, abstract and black and white.
the best of me  
My bit of amateur photography and initial experimentation
Monica Fior Photography  
events, exhibitions, curiosity regarding photography, painting, fashion and art in general in the world. I describe my shooting in the section "Backstage"
Diario d'immagini  
Una raccolta delle fotografie a me pi?? care,dalle diapositive sino al digitale.
TAGS:Italia,Lombardia,Liguria,Venezia, Milano,Roma,Genova,Tanzania,Zanzibar,Egitto,Il Cairo,Siwa
TAGS:Italy,Lombardy,Venice,Milan,Rome,Egypt,Cairo,Siwa oasis
street photo, portrait, fineart, iPhoneography in bw and color | weekly photoblog by Fabrizio Vigan??

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