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The Pedestrian. Urbanscapes  
Urban, suburban, and periurban landscapes in Switzerland and Italy. A project of a pedestrian flaneur geographer photographer walker tourist ... From Lake Geneva and Jura to Milan and Genoa ...
Short stories in pics - and in french - with a poetic focus on meaning, color, light and shapes.
Mondo Corretto  
Mondo Corretto is anintention. One picture a day. It is not an autobiographical approach, but a mixture of art and a look or an angle.  
Pictures and wallpapers, nature and cityscape photography
Cycling Challenge  
Photo while cycling in the Swiss and French Alps
Kawaii Nostalgika  
Japan here and then. An intimate journey through my memories, encounters and travels within these subtle moments of anachronisms.
A World of Nature  
A World of Nature
General photography blog
Andrea Malagodi, photography, photoblog, pictures, urban, street, daily, night, geneva, rome, copenhagen, france, pentax, leica, olympus, nikon, photoshop, epson, analog, film, digital, camera, alternative, medium format, 6X7, 35mm
Photos pour tous  
Mes photos, jours apr??s jours
Olive's PhotoBlog  
Olive's PhotoBlog, punk and experimental pictures form Geneva...
Fleuria's world  
A world of flowers, where passion meets photography
Voir Venir  
I want to present sleeping pictures in my hard drive, in order to get advices and feed back. It's not related to a particular topic yet, but should turn more about a daily photoblog concerning Geneva...
Geneva Daily Photo  
Geneva Daily Photo is a sort of love letter to my adopted hometown.

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