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VASILE COVACIU photography  
Sometimes I feel like i'm fine on my own, Fifty Thousand miles from home. Sometimes I'm weak and the past is my guide, Summer returns and puts you back on my mind...
mirajul fotografiei  
mirajul fotografiei
1 picture a day ... by m
Pixelzs fotoblog  
Just an other fotoblog from Romania, vicinity of Cluj Napoca.
Moise Eduard Photography  
Moise Eduard's Photo Gallery
Adrian Petrisor - PHOTOGRAPHY  
Nature Photography
Radu Lazar Photography  
Here is my work, my world...
Crina Prida - In loc de cuvinte  
instead of words, i choose images - looking for the best way to put in a frame my everlasting restlessness
a60 camera  
a60 camera - amazing life details
Rares ION Photography  
RRS blog
random thoughts in photographs  
The blog is about everyday life seen through my camera????s viewfinder????othing specific, just frames from places I go, events I catch, ideeas I have.
Big Bang  
Everything in this material world have a soul. If you catch it's breath on a picture you're the best. I'm a traveler through time, lost in present, finding my way in my thoughts and dreams.
Lucian Mandru Photography  
wedding, portret, nature, life
just photos  
Photos are but drops of my past. Taken some months or a second ago, they were moments i wanted to steal and keep.
Felix Photoblog  
This site is dedicated to photography and to share my images taken in my home or other countries where I have had the chance to travel.
fotografie de natura si jurnale de calatorie
Tharogas Photography  
Blog of a commercial photographer in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.
imagia blog  
wedding, maternity & newborn photography
Adi Dancu - Photo  
c??teva imagini, c??teva g??nduri... (some images, some thoughts...) Motto: "Your photography is a record of your living, for anyone who really sees." Paul Strand
i'm looking at ordinary in a extraordinary way

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