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Al's PhotoBlog  
Al Ferreira Photography's photo blog; a random repository for images, ideas, exchanges and other stuff of interest.
Vision Changes Knowlegde  
Photography Blog, most portraits
Showing you the beauty of Swedish-Lapland and more.
Real Magic World  
Enjoy nature is one of my passions. Photographing special moments and then share it with others is what I like. The photos I show as many pure, so not much changes.
RaviPoluri - AntiGravity  
I started project "AntiGravity" in Aug 2009 to examine changes in human experience when our mind is allowed to process the noise around us. When I visit a place I try to point the camera opposite to what my mind is attracted to.
PHOTONOMY | Timothy West  
The power of images can changes lives!
Sights of life  
Life goes by. Changes just happen. Nothing can be done to prevent it. Just to scratch the present and keep an instant, a sight.
Nomad Dakini  
Place & Spaces, first and foremost. Mostly pedestrian views, touch of the quirky.
The Tattered Flag  
Selected nature images from Canada's north. Showing the seasonal changes and visitors around a wilderness homestead on a Yukon Lake.
Rabin Photography  
Landscape & Botanical phtoographer. Taking a closer eye at every day things we miss as we pass by as the environment changes for the future.

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