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Architecture and spiral staircase,cityscape with wide angle lens ,fisheye lens
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taken by 903SWC,CONTAX RTSIII,etc..
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The light as I see it
SATOSHI TOMIYAMA Photo Blog,live jounals,video and music in JAPAN.
Enjoy a DSLR with a manual focus lens. Using Oylmpus E-300 and Canon Eos 1D Mark2. And, Also Using RICOH GR DIGITAL II.
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The photograph is a transfer of my mind.
Keiichi Budenmayer in Yokohama  
Language of my life
Moved to Japan in 1998 after university for 3 years, then moved to DC for the next 7. In 2008 I moved back to Japan and, upon my arrival, I purchased a used Canon 40D and a couple of lenses to chronicle our life and travels throughout Japan (especially Y

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