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stewart baird photography  
HDR Photography capturing the beauty of New Zealand.
Steve Allsopp Photography  
Predominantly Black and White long exposure landscapes/waterscapes from New Zealand  
I carry my camera with me with my daily photo blog ever present in my mind. I make images every day. I select one that I like, and then I upload to my site.
photography by marc  
my view of the world hopefully updated regularly
Photos from an amateur  
Pourya Koleyni Daily photo blog Photos from Wellington and other places
bird news  
bird news
Hi, my name's Rob. I'm a photographer from Australia that's currently based in New Zealand. Cheers!
eye spy with my little eye  
Armed with my back-catalogue and my Nikon D70 I aim to post 1 photo each and every day - 'one cogent thing every single day... it will change you... it will make you more transparent, because you will notice things all day long'.
armand was here  
Photos from my world Travels and now Wellington, New Zealand and the world!
Points of View  
Sights, happenings, travels and observations
Brett Stanley Photography  
Stories and images from wedding, kids and commercial photo shoots in the New Zealand and Wellington region.
nothing better to do  
just bits of stuff i do when i've nothing better to do, or more likely when i've got plenty else to do but can't be buggered
The Sidestrip  
this blog is about a filipino migrant in new zealand.

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