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Capturing small slices of my life ... moments, places feelings... written mostly in Hebrew with some English titles. On January 1st 2011I started a new project . New Post for every day of of the year ???
Thomas Schlijper  
Free-lance photographer Thomas Schlijper is described as the 'chronicler' of Amsterdam. Since 2000 he places a new photo of Amsterdam (and sometimes Paris or Tel Aviv) on his website.
Ilan Bresler Photography  
Photography for me is a way to find my inner peace. Same with blogging. So I combine the two.
transparent things  
images of israel and tel aviv
Yaniv Frenkel's Photo Blog  
photos from Israel and all around the world
Tel Aviv in holga chic
Michael's Blog  
Israel based daily photoblog. Street photography and some portraits, all analogue, mostly in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem
Hebrew iphone photography and reviews blog
General photography tips and tutorials, and business of photography
Photo blog of David Virtser  
Hi, I'm an enthusiast photographer from Israel. I have started my photography hobby about 10 years ago. I shoot mostly landscape and street photography.
Aaron's Photo Blog  
Photography blog of Aaron Kor
transparent things  
Tiny glimpses of Tel Aviv, like fragments of glass in a kaleidoscope constantly shifting to form new patterns
Loves Photography
Photography inspirations and articles from around the Globe!

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