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Places, people and things I've come across during the journey through life.
let your camera do it's work, appreciate it's distinctive character, be enthusiastic about surprises and accidents, do not mess around with it's output ... Is that dogmatic? - yes, I think so! is fun. is thoughtful. is beautiful. Come in and be amused and thrilled and surprised.
Joey Baltimore  
Mostly concert photography with a few added surprises.
Fleeting Images  
High-ISO Black and White images, plus the occasional surprise!
Not Quite Daily News  
Mostly urban, mostly northeast U.S., but always a surprise lurking somewhere
Life's Everyday Surprise  
Every single day is a gift. I want to share this feeling and the best of my little world. Every day something new, something make me think, laugh, enjoy, everyday is a surprise and I'm happy to share all this things with you
A Berlin  
Berlin is a surprising city. I capture surprises.
I'm not a pro. I capture what I see, freeze moments, observe.
J.McBride Photography  
James McBride Photo Blog..

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