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SouthWest Photo  
Photos mainly from Southwestern parts of Norway, concentrated on the shores and beaches of Rogaland.
Kristin Klungtveit Photography  
The images I present in my blog is my view on things that I find true and beautiful. I prefer to take pictures in natural light.
Marek Ziolkowski Photography  
Photographer working in Stavanger area, Norway.
Stavanger Daily Photo  
Daily photos from Stavanger.
Kjetil Engstr???m Photography  
Her deler jeg nesten alt det jeg tar av bilder. Jeg pr???ver ogs??? ??? dele historien bak bildene samt promotere stilen min
Tor Gilje Photoblog  
Just a Simpel Photoblog
Hille Photography  
An IT technichan with a passion for photographing.  
Photoes and Poems,the Seen and the Unseen, Light and Dark,and the Mystery and Magic around and some Dreams, Prayers and Art and Reflections in the Mirrors of many kind.
Photos from in and around Stavanger and anywhere else I happen to be at the moment.
St??les safaris  
travel, landscape, cityscape, people
Fotografier fra Stavanger til Sydney  
This site will represent my best photographies. From hiking the worlds most dangerous trail to surfing in Norway in wintertime, it's all here. The site is in Norwegian but the images are universial.
I have spent the last few years documenting the surf scene in Southwest Norway. Come sunshine or snow, the surfers will appear as long as there are waves. Norwegians are vikings and nothing will keep us from a good surf session.

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