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Les Particules Etranges vol.4  
The city of Paris and occasionally somewhere in France. Black and white & color, urban, street, people, landscape and nature. :: A Photoblog  
I was THERE...THIS thing happened !
While not knowing much about the technical aspects of photography I mainly shoot on what I believe will be a nice picture.Though it's not always easy, I like to focus on the smaller things in life.
Les Particules Etranges vol.1  
The city of Paris and occasionally somewhere in France. Black and White, Urban, street, people, landscape and nature.
Daily Photos from San Diego. Sometimes, somewhere else.
s o m e where  
some moment in somewhere, shoot with film
Marie Rosenqvist Photographer  
Oliver Ruskovic Photography  
I decided to create a photoblog because I like having my photos published somewhere. I like photography very much and I take every task as a challenge.  
Haven't we met somewhere before?
Andrei Baciu | Photogralysm  
There is no border between photography and poetry. Photography is, just like poetry, full of lyrism. Somewhere, high up, they meet, they mix, they mingle. Photogralysm.
I would like that Creative Light be the place to document life as I go through it, somewhere for me to display moments as I see it.
Jon Yager Latest  
Latest creative personal work from a guy who made a living shotting photos, then didn't, and now is somewhere in between.
somewhere in time  
I am a person that loves seeing the world via people's cameras and mine too. Just a very beginner learning to take photos.
Not Quite Daily News  
Mostly urban, mostly northeast U.S., but always a surprise lurking somewhere
Through a little bit of glass  
Architecture, people, and landscapes from around the world.
Photos from England and Travel Photography. Landscape, Atmospheric, Urban Exploration, Sculpture, Abstract, and more.
Picture Belize  
Images, observations & comments from my ongoing travels in Belize, Central America. Nature, landscape, travel & fine art images from a tropical paradise! Travel images somewhere between artistic expression and documentary rigor.
Paul's Pictures  
An online collection of my photos and somewhere to share things that catch my eye.
Gilles's PhotoBlog  
Daily picture of New York City (unless I'm somewhere else...)
Ian Jamieson Photo Gallery  
someone somewhere might like something

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