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Hi, my name is Javier Serrano. I was born in Seville (Spain), but since January of 2004 I am living in the city of Kobe, in Japan. Here in my spare time I enjoy practicing my hobbies. One of them is photography. I hope you enjoy visiting my web!
Javier Garc??a Rosell - blog  
Technical, familiar, friendly Photoblog that I absolutely l-o-v-e writing.
The Enchanted Blog  
Artistic portraiture.  
Photos of landscapes, architecture, urban, details, etc.
paco barter's photoblog  
personal photoblog
MrDaine Photoblog  
My photoblog shows how I improve my skills in photography, especially portraits, and how I try to find my own style.
Photoblog of Jose Juan Corpas. News, tutorials, reviews...

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