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Maxdart's photoblog: genre, cities, portrait, nude, Saint-Petersburg photo  
This is author's project by Maxdart photorgapher. You will find here a lot of interesting photo of different faces and places. Genre and genre portrait, nude, city landscapes. Snapshots of life in Saint-Petersburg, Europe and others. Enjoy!  
Dmitry Shamin's photoblog.
Female photographer's pictures about social life, city reportages, color abstraction, slice of life, in short daily photos.
Mike rapkin Photoblog  
Studios photo
Saint-Petersburg here and now  
Saint-Petersburg is a very specific city -- part european, part Russian, filled with pale colours and 19th century ghosts. Through the blog you can have a look what it looks like right now.
Strelban's Photo Blog  
Live and Sport in Saint-Petersburg. Russia.
Citylife, Architecture, Objects, Nature from St. Petersburg and its environs
Everything insite...
Apeman Labs  
Apeman Labs - my big-little world
Russia, Saint-Petersburg, travelling
Still life. Saint-Petersburg  
Pictures of Saint-Petersburg
Blog of my travels, friends, just people, everything that surrounds me, my thoughts and my feelings. Feel it!
Shinigami in Disguise  
Street's lights... People's lights within... I guess it's all about light
I post my photos and photos of great photographers.Also you can find a lot of useful and interesting information.
soulmates never die.  
about passion of photography. about people and moments.
Travel photos: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus  
Churches, castles, nature, panoramas

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