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Maxdart's photoblog: genre, cities, portrait, nude, Saint-Petersburg photo  
This is author's project by Maxdart photorgapher. You will find here a lot of interesting photo of different faces and places. Genre and genre portrait, nude, city landscapes. Snapshots of life in Saint-Petersburg, Europe and others. Enjoy!  
Dmitry Shamin's photoblog.
Female photographer's pictures about social life, city reportages, color abstraction, slice of life, in short daily photos.
Revenge of the Jpeg  
Shooting with DSLR's for about three years now and spending just as much time behind a computer screen in post processing playing around with filters as I do behind the lens.
Mike rapkin Photoblog  
Studios photo
Saint-Petersburg here and now  
Saint-Petersburg is a very specific city -- part european, part Russian, filled with pale colours and 19th century ghosts. Through the blog you can have a look what it looks like right now.
Max Kozlov photo portfolio  
Photoblog of Max Kozlov.
Strelban's Photo Blog  
Live and Sport in Saint-Petersburg. Russia.
Citylife, Architecture, Objects, Nature from St. Petersburg and its environs
Everything insite...
Apeman Labs  
Apeman Labs - my big-little world
Russia, Saint-Petersburg, travelling
Still life. Saint-Petersburg  
Pictures of Saint-Petersburg
Blog of my travels, friends, just people, everything that surrounds me, my thoughts and my feelings. Feel it!
Shinigami in Disguise  
Street's lights... People's lights within... I guess it's all about light
«Esoteric of the City» - Saint Petersburg from inside  
Here you will find unusual landscapes of Saint Petersburg. «Esoteric» means something inner, that is hidden from stranger’s eyes. This is another face of city, that looks at native people thru loophole windows.
I post my photos and photos of great photographers.Also you can find a lot of useful and interesting information.
soulmates never die.  
about passion of photography. about people and moments.
Travel photos: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus  
Churches, castles, nature, panoramas  
I am a hobbyist photographer, persistent blogger and part-time adventurer living in the "sunshine city" of Saint Petersburg Florida. Taking photographs of almost anything that interests me from automobiles to landscapes. I love wide angle perspectives and

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