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Shoe Leather Zoom  
my personal photoblog
The Basement Cats  
a daily photo of one of our four cats
Michal Fanta | Photographer  
My name is Michal Fanta. I am a fine art and people photographer from the Czech Republic (Europe). I blog mostly about photography and my photos. Sometimes I just share my thoughts. Thank you for visiting, reading, commenting, your emails etc.
I'm photographer from Mestec Kralove (Czech Republic).I love photography.I have blog for support photography&artsThank you for visiting, reading, commenting, your emails etc.
Some Photographs
Sacred Living  
its our libraries of assignment. Its been sacred b'coz mass advertizing not really work. Its M2M spreading word are really God blessing. Thankyou Allah:)
Passion in the Moments  
This is a blog that showcases a variety of different styles of photography with a focus on Social Documentary, landscape and portrait photography. Words are also used as part of artistic expression.
Apathetic Witness  
A wide range of photographic styles from fine art to photojournalism.  
A photo-only weblog focusing on BMX, but also with snaps of whatever else takes my fancy.
A photo a day, from Reading, UK and around the world. Please enjoy!
shots out of interest  
Daily shots of everything I'm interested in.
Focussing on my art photography, this is a showcase of my favoutire shots and some insight into how I have produced the images including traditional photographic techniques and guides on using post processing techniques to add another layer
Travel Quest  
This Photoblog is a collection of travel stories. If you love reading about adventure and enjoy great photos. Travel Quest has it all.

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