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A Photo Dialogue  
A photo dialogue between husband and wife, sharing cameras and a love of photography.
Project Smithereen  
Life is a piece of photograph  
My daily dose of photography. A showcase of Photography that depicts life.
Gizella Almeda  
another stupidity (but this is better compare to my previous blogs)
Its all about Life. Travel, people, places and all beautiful things.
Bino Caina  
Random images from my travels.
Shattered Shutter  
Photos of reality  
picture projects, photo stories, reportage, documentary, daily life, photojournalism, etc..
Mga Litrato ni Jay (Jay's Pictures)  
A personal photo web log by a guy named Jay.
Photos by Nante Santamaria
A showcase of Filipino photography
Gem Is My Name  
street photography featuring people and places in urban Manila and Taiwan, and rural settings in Southern Taiwan, among other things
dunes and dreams  
dreaming in film. analog is ????
searching for that little drop of art in me
stupidity and photos  
My life at every photo.  
A repository of my thoughts and the photos that represent them.
The Novice Shutterbug  
"I believe we could understand the world more in still photos" Yes, I think the saying a photo tells a thousand words indeed is true. At times the moving and noisy world is just so confusing that we forget to really focus on what is happening right no
The Science and Art of Photography  
Blogs about anything in Photography in the Philippines scene. Events, competitions, tutorials, images, news, equipment reviews, etc...
Photos worth sharing.:)
Organized Mess  
..of everything that captures my heart and the lens.. "SCIENCE IS ORGANIZED KNOWLEDGE. WISDOM IS ORGANIZED LIFE."

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