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Pixel Buffet  
I created this photoblog to showcase the various images that I've been clicking for a while now. Storytelling has always fascinated me. I chose photography as a medium for singing unsung tales to people.
Photography by Maltesh Ashrit.
Ranu Chakraborty Bhaduri's Pink Cloud  
The world as it appears through my lens
Photos from This Life  
Photographs from a regular life. some prized moments, some ordinary ones. A smorgasbord of emotions!
The pictures taken are the way we we see things. While clicking pictures, we make sure that we turn around, the best shot might just be there.
daily Impact - 365 Photography  
This is 365 Photography blog with daily quotes which will make impact on your day
My captures
Navdeep Soni Photography  
Exploring the world around me.
GirishDJoshi's Photography  
I started Photography last year. Always wanted to pursue this but don't know why I never did. Inspired by lot of a photographers who's work I have seen online. Scott Kelby being one of my favorites. Learned a lot from his books.
Thru the Lens  
The blog would consist of photos clicked by me and bits of story and analysis - on my journey to become a better photographer...
Mohit Shimpi Photos  
Photographic experiences of Mohit Shimpi.
beautiful balcony blues  
beautiful balcony blues
A Photoblog by Bhalchandra Pujari and Pramod Hardas. Nature, Landscape, Macro, Life, Portraits, insects, Flowers
Perspective in Focus  
This blog is an endeavor by me to portray one perspective from the world around me, each day. Its an opportunity to work my mind creatively for at least a few minutes every day, rain or shine, healthy or ill, joyous mood or bad day at work.
A photographic exploration of our world !!
life etc. photographed
Keshav Chandra  
Here on my blog you will get a chance to tastes the life via my photography. I will try to give you a “touch and taste” of emotions and a sense of life. Here each photograph has been speaking a story about the so called “impressions.
Say Cheese!!!  
jUST a small blog from a teen.
Diwali 2015  
Diwali 2015 in India
education related stuff, and images for deeper understanding and clearing the concepts

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