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JLV Photo  
Things I see.
3191 Miles Apart  
We are Stephanie and MAV. We like to get up early. We don't stay up too late. We live 3191 miles apart ... in Portland, Oregon and Portland, Maine. At 3191 Miles Apart, we post weekly thoughts and images about simple living and our current inspirati
visual pause  
a photo a day, or close to it. my photo blog is about daily life and the objects, environments, colors, textures and people that i see as art.
LensEnvy / Mark Fleming  
Daily photoblog featuring the personal and professional work of editorial/commercial photographer Mark Fleming.
Mike in Maine  
Things Portland, things Maine, and occasional things New England and beyond
Like The Ocean  
Dreams a lot.Likes travel,loves photography.Sometime aloof Sometime strong.Inspired by nature.Grateful for many things.Focused on Travel , Landscape, heritage architecture - in HDR Photography
tim goodspeed - streetscene  
Street and Travel Photography
mollie hewitt | snippets  
snippets of my life in the pacific northwest
Bearded Dog Studios  
Bearded Dog Studios is a simple collection of images taken by Bill Weide. Bill lives in Portland, Oregon.
Daily Mnemonic  
The Daily Mnemonic is a blog about memories. Mnemonics are things we invent to help us remember things, and for me it happens to be a blog. No photo posted here was taken the same day, they are all from days, weeks, months, or years past.  
I post a new picture each day. All the pictures are taken of everyday life in and around the Portland Oregon area.
The Ecofluent Studio  
Architecture, cycling, nature, city, abstracts
Centuries Since the Day  
The photographs of N.P. Thompson encompass a wide range of subjects (architecture, nature, found patterns within rural and urban landscapes) yet share in common an enigmatic dream-like quality.
Jonathan Eadie Photography  
In the past: Albania and Asia. In the present: Portland, OR. In the future: ???.
A Couple Vagabonds Photography  
Our photos from our travels around the world.
xyxx is a living visual, open ended love letter between two slightly twisted lovers who would rather take pictures with their phones than talk on them.
Zoe Hoeltzel  
an episodic collection of images by Zoe Hoeltzel, a Portland, OR photographer & inveterate observer.
Arno Jenkins Photography  
My personal site dedicated to my photography.
Random&Keila is a photo-blog about hotspots, neighborhoods, people and cool things about Portland, OR. Keila is my dog.
Catch the Light 2.0  
A hodgepodge of the most interesting scenes around my Portland, Maine home.

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