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Life with film  
Film photographs from around Central Japan "An exploration of the familiar"
daily pix  
A simple look at around.
A Photoblog about Japan and Asia. I try to focus on what's different from European countries and especially from France. I love travels and I have the chance to make a few trips every year during which I take a lot of pictures.
alexander hadjidakis | photographer ??? Nagoya, Japan - ????????????????????  
Photojournal from Nagoya, Japan-based photographer Alexander Hadjidakis. | ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
avec vous  
Daily life with the photo.
Nagoya Photography and Technology  
Nagoya, Japan photography and technology.
Feeling similar to you  
Photos of City of Nagoya, the center of Japan. There are a lot of beautiful and interesting things. I hope you'll like them!!
The Life Electronic  
Photos I've taken around Nagoya and on my vacations. I am a film photographer using old film cameras.

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