Keyword(s): Muenster  
my individual and subjective viewfinder - or: just another photoblog. at the moment mostly concerned with the relation between appearence and reality respectively the differece between natural and artificial world(s).  
Landscapes, Architecture, Persons, M??nster, NRW, black and white, bw, old Buildings, Nikon D200, Germany,
My first Photoblog. After few years of making photos I decided to show them and share the experiences behind them. Photography is a kind of storytelling and the form of a photoblog is a perfect way to tell a few (hopefully) exciting stories. - Photography by Timo B??hring from Germany.
die goldene Horde  
concert photography, mainly from my hometown muenster
Pictures of my travels through Europe and more. I love nature and landscape photography.
pics of gigs: Bands & Artists Aaron Till | Alexander Morsey | All-Star-Session | Amandus Grund | Andreas Breiing | Andy Strau?? | Angela Gabriel | Annie Sellick | Annie Sellick & The Hot Club Of Nashville | Axel Zinowsky | B photography  
mountainbike photography from muenster, germany

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