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May Rodrigo  
Hello. I'm a freelance production and interior designer, dog-owner, organic gardener, analogue lover. I live, love, & LOL! This is my photo blog.
I shoot for fun, for the sake of memories, and for the love of photography.
Personal photoblog
Spidey's Photoblog  
Photoblog by Raffy Pedrajita.
Random pics from Flipland and wherever else
FlipLomo [Flip=Filipino;Lomo=Lomography] is a personal blog of Joseph Keith Rosales. A local of the Philippine islands. Currently living with his parents and two brothers in San Pedro, Laguna.
Carlo's Daily Photos  
My Daily ramdom shots
a daily photoblog: frozen bit and pieces of time  
Weekly photo grabs out of the blue and grey beyond from a 35 mm FILM photographer living in Batangas, Philippines
Freezing Moments  
Moments frozen for eternity through a photograph.
The Adventure of TinTin  
the adventure begins...

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