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May Rodrigo  
Hello. I'm a freelance production and interior designer, dog-owner, organic gardener, analogue lover. I live, love, & LOL! This is my photo blog.
I shoot for fun, for the sake of memories, and for the love of photography.
Personal photoblog
Spidey's Photoblog  
Photoblog by Raffy Pedrajita.
Random pics from Flipland and wherever else
a daily photoblog: frozen bit and pieces of time
FlipLomo [Flip=Filipino;Lomo=Lomography] is a personal blog of Joseph Keith Rosales. A local of the Philippine islands. Currently living with his parents and two brothers in San Pedro, Laguna.
Carlo's Daily Photos  
My Daily ramdom shots  
Weekly photo grabs out of the blue and grey beyond from a 35 mm FILM photographer living in Batangas, Philippines
Freezing Moments  
Moments frozen for eternity through a photograph.
The Adventure of TinTin  
the adventure begins...

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