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Lens Blog -  
New York Times Photojournalism - Photography, Video and Visual Journalism Archives
m a r t a . c o m  
Finding special moments, details, colors, lights, situations and places. Photography by Marta Barceló.
A Photoblog by Andrey Samolinov. Here you can find my personal vision of the surrounding world saved into colorful pictures
The Talking Tree  
Landscape shots of the Desert Southwest with rural decay playing an integral part of my interpretation. Photos will usually have some sort of human element. This is realism because there is no such thing as pristine wilderness!
photos of life as it unfolds around me...
Light Distillery  
A bit of everything: mainly nature and macro shots, combined with landscape, BW and some strobist trials...
Xavier Rey P h o t o b l o g  
Fine Art Photography by Xavier Rey
refocus your mind.  
Photographs by Andy K??mpf. Atmospheric portraits, animals, moody landscapes, architecture, abandoned and forgotten places.
reflejandome fotoblog  
Personal photographs of those moments that call my attention, especially landscapes and urban photography.
Daily Practice  
Daily practice of recording the world as I see it thru my camera lens. A meditation in mindfulness.
cazurro dot com  
Photoblogging and enjoying photography from Spain (and wherever I am) since april, 2004. Street and panoramic photography maniac.
Various amalgamations of work from around the UK and occassionally abroad - from portraits, to landscapes, HDR to macro work and occasionally abstract. Always wanting to try something new and experiment.
Follow my life through the lense
Photographer from Austria / Europe. I like to take photos when i am travelling around.The most of my Pictures were taken on my journeys.
Dave Wilson Photography  
Art photography by Dave Wilson of Austin, Texas. Heavy on HDR, architecture and abstracts but touching on just about anything I can point a camera at.
DeJa Photo From Lens To Picture  
Pictures mostly from sweden Travel, people , nature, black&white , Macro Sport windsurf etc etc 2012 new blog !!
Benedikt Haack Photography  
It's passion and it's magic - to fancy a motif, converging it, taking the picture and performing the postprocessing. Although affected by a lot of technique it's a very emotional process. I'll share my magical moments with you. My slogan: VISUALIZE YOUR
Al otro lado de la retina  
Capturing feelings and details on pictures since september/2005. Passion for analog photography.
Ghene Snowdon  
A selection of images from the first moment I held a DSLR until now. See the world through my lens...
Mixed photography by Cornelia Hoffmann. Be welcome!

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