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Mainly agrarian landscapes photographed by Stefan Michalski
Mike Jungwirth / Photoblog  
Nature / Macro / Landscape
David Koester Photography  
Main topic of the site is landscape & travel photography whichshows the beauty of earth: Iceland, Chile, Namibia, New Zealand, Seychelles, Europe and much more. In the blog David tells the picture´s stories and writes about photography and travel issues.
The 3.2 Shooter  
Splikik is an amateur photographer who likes to challenge the boundaries of her camera. Watch her maximize the minimal!
Mein Bild des Tages - Picture of the day  
??irklich reich ist, wer mehr Tr?ume in seiner Seele hat, als die Realit?t zerst?ren kann.??Die Herausforderung: jeden Tag mindestens ein Bild zu fotografieren. The challenge: one picture every day. Street, travel, portrait ...
Oliver Ruskovic Photography  
I decided to create a photoblog because I like having my photos published somewhere. I like photography very much and I take every task as a challenge.  
Skydiving photography by Kaspars Sprogis. Years ago, i tasted flight and so the journey began. Skydiving is not just about adrenalin or being extreme. It's a lot lot more. It's about fun, about challenge, freedom, emotions, joy, flying, falling, adr
Trying to find some thing to shoot every day on a little island might be slightly difficult but thats an other challenge to change your point of views.
Challenge and Catharsis  
Challenge and Catharsis is the photoblog of Kansas City-based photography enthusiast Jon Gray. Challenge and Catharsis is comprised of an ongoing collection of portraits, art and documentary photos.
Photos d'un jeune tunisien  
Challenging the lights
Through the Lens  
challenge your perfection
Weekday Photos  
A unique photo challenge, every weekday has its own theme with a different challenge every week. The themes; Monday - Creative Colors Tuesday - Macro Wednesday - 2 of a kind Thursday - Urban Friday - Sunset Its all about exploring the world of
Cycling Challenge  
Photo while cycling in the Swiss and French Alps
Take once a day  
This photoblog is intended as a personal challenge. It's definitely a hobby not my profession. My photography to date has been about recording memories and experience and less about craft and technique. Keeping this blog going is intended to change that.
mindfield photography  
mindfield photography is the life, its stories and emotions that i record around me. my personal challenge is to create an emotional tension between the viewer and the picture and encourage for free interpretation.
This & That  
Challenging myself to post one photo a day for 365 days in a row--learning about photography as I go along and exploring all types of imagery.
SixthSpence - Some the Richer  
Focused on lines, patterns, colours, mood, architecture. I love the challenge of creating very original work.
thePhotoMarathon is a game challenging creativity and imagination of photographers. It is also an occasion to discover and to share arts and passion. thePhotoMarathon is for me a way to show my work, my life, my game. You are welcome to join me into this
Weekly Photos Project  
This is a community project: every week we'll start a new theme. Everyone can participate! Just register yourself. Are you ready for the challenge? upload your photos
A smartphone photo blog featuring entries for photo challenges, and also journaling our daily life with our adopted mongrel and apartment dog with what we hope are cool photos :P

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