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streetphotography. lomography. color. b&w. film. analog. digital. cameranerd.
White Stains Darkroom  
photoblog, both monochrome and colour, mostly street photography & some abstract/surreal, by joachim brink, gothenburg, sweden
Dagens | Totally random  
A totally random slideshow of some of my Gazillion images.
I have a crush on analog vintage cameras, nothing beats the feeling of not knowing! Due to my other hobby(pyrotechnics) I sometimes have the opportunity to take photos at film-sets. What can I say, I love to capture people and weird sceneries.
Hrolfur Photography  
Images from all around
An amateur photographer's daily photo blog. The goal is to publish at least one image from Gothenburg and the surrounding area every day for a year. Themes: city, rural, water, people, plants and animals, colour and design, landscape and macro.  
My everyday life photoblog. Anything from abstract, travel, architecture, portrait and everything else.
A P T A S S  
I invite you to explore the world and broaden your horizon together with me as a host.  
Belgian in Sweden and sometimes shooting like he has an AK-47 in his hands....;o)
Underwater plants & creatures.
photos by caroline algotsson  
View from a Nikon inspired by Caroline. Visit my flickr  
Just photos
Art, Music and Life in general  
A blog about life and general events with a twist of urban decay and art attempts.  
/nature / portrait / city - my personal photoblog.
This is the Photography of David Berg  
Everything and all
A Photoblog about everything, people, animals landscapes and so on.

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