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a picture a day from indonesia (hopefully)
bluechameleon photography  
To say I take photographs constantly may be a bit of a stretch, but it's fairly close to being an accurate statement. I like to feel what is around me, then try capturing that moment...hopefully making the photograph more than just something visual.
Put simply the majority of my work is street photography. It is the everyday ordinary moment we all experience but do not take the time to fully observe or recognise. I use the camera to document these little moments in time, to register them as actions,
Simon Garnier ???? Photoblog  
One picture a day, hopefully...
Phototroost - Patrice Troost  
Welcome at the photo's of a photographer which goes by the name Patrice Troost. My motto is pure and uncensored! I have carefully selected a few of my images shot on weekly basis to show you my work.
Fading Impressions  
Photos from my travels around town and abroad. Sometimes literal, sometimes imaginative, hopefully original.
Jonny Briggs Photography  
A London Photographer blogging a random selection of my personal non-commercial images from all aspects of my life and travels on a regular basis. No words. No theme. No subject...Hopefully just great arresting images.  
The most amazing photos you’ve ever seen. Well … perhaps not. But hopefully you will enjoy the photos I’ll post on Otherwise: sod off!
Brenda Spiller Photography  
Very diverse range of subjects. I like to find beauty in the mundane and ordinary. I'm fairly new at this so I am constantly learning, and hopefully improving.
Eirik Elgvin Photography  
A blog where I upload my photos from different locations. To put my photos to use and hopefully entertain future readers.
Alisia K Photography  
Capturing families and seniors in a beautifully, artistic way.
photography by marc  
my view of the world hopefully updated regularly
Sacred Witness | Photography as Presence  
Inspiring people to be more fully present in their lives and to the natural world.
DeBing - Photography and more  
A daily updated photoblog with pics from events and some artfully photographies.
Zestfully Clean  
Photos from New York City, Washington D.C., and other places and things.
Raghav Saboo's Portfolio  
A portfolio showcasing the journey by me, Raghav Saboo, into the world of photography. I hope to portray both the experiences I had till now through the medium of photography, and also showcase hopefully the progress I have made in photography.
Painfully Beautiful Life.  
A blog about me and my camera enjoying all the beautiful things in life.
Aur??lien Jost  
Photos of many differents places around the world: Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, etc... Mosty landscapes so far!
Primitive Culture  
The global photographic journal of an amateur ethnographer, detailing explorations from rugged Equatorial jungles, to the alleys of Istanbul, to the quiet seaside towns of South Africa. In fully illustrated essays, Primitive Culture chronicles street-food
Teoria das Cores  
This idea was born when I read this story, written by Herberto Helder: Once upon a time, there was a painter who had a aquarium with a red fish. Lived the fish peacefully together with its red colour until it started to become black from the inside, a

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