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I've lived my whole life in Canada. Until now. I made a big move and am now living in Germany. It's quite a change and I'm totally loving it. With so many new things to see, it's hard to put the camera down anymore.
Photo Chameleon Blog  
Photo Chameleons blog is a way to share our passion with others through photography about the things we love. Our main focus is food, lifestyle, travel & reportages.
Ein Blog mit Fotos und kleinen Geschichten über Alltagsdinge, z.B. Blumen, Landschaften, Wolken, Tiere, Eisenbahnen... A blog with photos and little stories about the things around us, e.g. flowers, landscapes, clouds, animals, trains
photoblossoms by XebastYan Photography  
Since my childhood i am involved in photography. I have begun with an Agfa Pocket, went on to grandpa????s Kodak Retina Rangefinder, settled on to father????s Minolta XE-1????nd so on. XebastYan Freiburg, Germany.
Close Ups, HDR, Nature, Flowers, Nice details, Street Art
Claudia Fakler // photography  
... because it's better to travel hopefully than to arrive!

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