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Unentdecktes Land  
Human - Urban - Natur - Abstrakt
Underwater photography from cool and tropical waters with a dash of terrestrial landscapes and people
Ilan Bresler Photography  
Photography for me is a way to find my inner peace. Same with blogging. So I combine the two.
Pakami Photography  
Digitale Fotografie erleben
Mondensee Photography  
Photography and more
Megan Lesley Photos  
Having a new and fascinating passion for photography, follow me as I experiment with my photography... I'm a twenty something amaturer photographer. I hail from the South East of South Australia and I capture most of my photos from in
Penelope's Loom  
Photoblog of a wedding and portrait photographer who travels during her free time. Recent travels include visits to Thailand, Laos, Taiwan, and China.  
sport photos
Here's Looking At You  
My two favorite things to shoot are macro photography and long exposures. Subjects include pets, landscapes, and close up shots of every day objects.
Under the Amber Moon  
Analogue & Alternative Photography: pinhole, vintage and toy cameras using film and paper negs for wet darkroom and alt process by Leslie Bastress
knack defies lack  
Capturing all sorts of images everywhere I go.
Classic Themes, HDR, Nature, Landscape, Grummelbrummel ...or the Art to make a good photo and not understanding how...
Marcos Eslava  
A blog of photography
javga - everyday moments  
A photoblog made in Friesland (The Netherlands).
the sleeper and the dreamer  
Photographs of surreal, experimental, or just personal.
Notes From Different Spots - Photography Travel Anhropology  
Notes From Different Spots is an on-line gallery of photographs which I have taken during my visits to Morocco and other places. Some of them are documentary in nature while some concentrated purely on aesthetic side of the world.
Charles Lyons Photography  
Wedding Photojournalism
slf photography  
I post photos daily linking to a photo of the day group at two peas in a bucket. Much of my photography is taken at home with found objects. I am serious about improving my photography while maintaining a slight tongue in cheek.
Mostly landscape around the British Isles particularly of Scotland and The Outer Hebrides but with a few Nature or Wildlife shots here and there.
little fotoblog from an amateur photographer that loves the fotography

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