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Doofie Photos ??  
Just expressing my feelings and thoughts through my photos. I like to try and be original.
i'm just a dude with a couple of nikon cameras and a bunch of lenses out on the street looking for a vision
Particular Pics  
Improving my photography one shot at a time... currently running a monthly theme... send me a message if you've got a suggestion for another theme...
Today Around Coventry Daily Photo  
Photos of places in and around Coventry, England.
I am always looking for unusual or interesting combinations of shape, colour or pattern. Often, I look for this in places where urban and non-urban elements come together. Photos I enjoy most have a non-traditional aesthetic quality.
Something special  
Computer shop
Alan Ranger Photography  
Uploading blogs covering vast genres of photography, I use my extensive professional knowledge to help others grow their skills.

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