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Daily Walks  
Photographs by Diane Varner on her Daily Walks along the Northern California coastline and mountain trails...seascapes, landscapes, insects, animals, found objects and macro images.
The Sun Shines & The Igloo Melts  
Again and again, however well we know the landscape of love and the little churchyard there, with its sorrowing names, and the frighteningly silent abyss into which others fall: again and again the two of us walk out together ... to make photos
Sven Seebeck Photography  
During the last years photography has become more and more a central point in my life. Trying to develop my vision and compositions are my main focus. My favorite subject are landscapes.
Smarts Fotografeert  
Like a saboteur, self-taught in the evolving world of photography, she tries to keep film alive and convinces others to see the beauty of grain and the odeur of fixer.
A photoblog from Andalusia, Spain
Digital harinezumi photo blog  
All photos are taken with the digital Lomo camera Harinezumi 2. Street photography, Lomography, grain, Vingetting and toy camera would describe the content.  
Concert photography, portraits and experimental photography (which I've chosen to call 'bulb art') are my specialty, but I certainly also take photos of a lot of other stuff. I work freelance here and there and absolutely love the experience in it. Please  
pictures from switzerland, especially landscapes and mountain sceneries. also some shots from journeys in new zealand, iceland, philippines, scotland, maldives and others... enjoy and thanks for visiting!
dying light  
digital, film, analog, lo-fi toy camera, grain, pushing, self development, medium format, tlr.
Dripping Vanilla ????A Photoblog by Sumedh Prasad  
Life. A simple reality. A complex implementation. An amalgamation of beauty and pain, laughter & tears, wastefulness & creativity. Exploring perspectives & people, the artist & the sadist in nature, join my exploration of the essence of beauty and life.
VIVO Gallery  
Travel Photos. Andes, Beskids, Cracow, Dolomites, Greece, Japan, Julian Alps, Montenegro, Poland, Tatra Mountains, Turkey ... - Photography by Oliver Schaef  
My definition of the moment, this is my slogan. Every picture is something special - every picture is a moment of the life, my life - every picture is a view from one angle, my angle - every picture freeze the moment which will never happen again...
While not knowing much about the technical aspects of photography I mainly shoot on what I believe will be a nice picture.Though it's not always easy, I like to focus on the smaller things in life.
Ben's Photo Sketchbook  
Views through my lenses and my little experiments. My images have a random subject/topic from everyday scene. I also shoot with film occasionally. Mainly from Nelson, New Zealand. Photo Sketchbook
Nerdy Social  
I take real-life photography of fashion and city living. I use mainly natural lighting and prefer shoots to feel like 'a day in the life of...' -, the camera and the subject - going on adventures together.
Cities are living habitats no museums. Cities are subject to constant change. This applies especially to Frankfurt am Main. Its skyline is changing at an increasing pace. New city districts are emerging and streets are changing their faces.
Digital photos mainly from Brazil and Europe.
KLUGERD – Portfolio & Gallery  
Freelance Photojournalist, Musician and Artist. Born in 1961 in the city of Oberhausen (Germany, Ruhr Area) and still lives there. My second home is Fuerteventura (Canary Islands, Spain).  
Personal photoblog of Oleksandr Smakhtin. Ukraine
PhotoWalker - Images of people and places  
Documentary & editorial photography blog by Melbourne Photographer Michael Bainbridge

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