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Photoblog of Bjarke Roennow  
mostly urban,nature and some concert photos -photo blog  
Pictures of everyday situations, detail shots, some street- and beach combing and to top it of, some abstract experimentations.
[Focus Bracket]  
Updated once a day (at least) with snapshots from the world as I see it when walking through it.
Colors of Black  
Danish Amateur Photo enthusiast that likes to take photos of everything from nature to food and street-art.  
I created this photo blog as an experiment which should lead me to increased skills as an amateur photographer. The basic idea is that I must take and publish one photo on the blog each day and I really aim on doing that. I bought my first D-SLR a couple
I needed a way to show my photos and since I wanted to have full control over the layout and the functionality I made this site as a hobby project. It may evolve over time as new ideas may be implemented.

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