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Mattias Andersson Photos  | Sweden  url
A minimalism-style photoblog from Sweden. I'm currently using a Nikon D40 and my favorite lens is my nikkor 35mm. Enjoy! And please leave a comment!
Work Hard & Starve  | Germany  url
Hobbyist photographer, with a great interest in Macro, Nature and Landscape photography,
Natural Art Images  | Slovenia  url
PhotoBlog about Nature, Wildlife and urban exploration.
They Shoot Film  | United States  url
They Shoot Film (TSF) is a personal project started by two west coast photographers, Patrice Esser and Garrick Fujii. The site serves as a bunker space for us to share our images and celebrate the art and practice of film photography.
FrozenPanda.com  | Denmark  url
Concert photography, portraits and experimental photography (which I've chosen to call 'bulb art') are my specialty, but I certainly also take photos of a lot of other stuff. I work freelance here and there and absolutely love the experience in it. Please
o k m i j n u h b  | Spain  url
A photoblog by Marc Barcel??

Female Photobloggers

The Way I See It  | United States  url
See the world thru Kelly's eyes - outside in the garden, at the beach, walking in the woods, or in a city. I shoot what I see and I enjoy sharing it.
the365pictures  | Spain  url
almost a photo every day
Sol Silber Photographt  | Argentina  url
This site is but a humble initiative that intends to take to the foreground vignenttes from everyday life as opposed to the dominant utilitarian view of the World that is presented to us. This is
Ruprix Photo.blog  | Russia  url
Female photographer's pictures about social life, city reportages, color abstraction, slice of life, in short daily photos.

Random Listings

Daily Snapshots  | United States  url
Daily Snapshots - My View Through the Lens, photograpy by Michael G. Chan. Primarily around the New York City area. Michael G. Chan has combined photoblogging, street photography and photojournalism, to create a site that keeps you coming back.
Ed O'Keeffe Photography  | United Kingdom  url
Manchester photographer Ed O'Keeffe publishes a photo a day on his site and explains the what, where, why and how of a wide variety of photographic subjects from places to portraits and everything in between - he gives advice about his work
Ruben Latre  | Spain  url
Nonconformist, Rebel and always wishing to learn something new. the author is an amateur photographer, just got his first Nikon D40 about a year and a half ago. He keeps trying to learn and improve his angles, point of views and exposures.
alphakilo photography  | United States  url
the everyday (extra)ordinary

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