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The Big Picture  | United States  url
The Big Picture is a photo blog created by a select group of picture editors of The Boston Globe. Entries are posted every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The Big Picture is intended to highlight high-quality, amazing imagery, with a focus on current event
Richard Whitelock Photography  | United Kingdom  url
"The lighting is magical and the trees are reminiscent of Victorian literature, while the figures are imposing and yet endearing. I want to be there, silhouetting by that light, colored in the soft timeless tones" - vfxy
Tiefblicke.ch  | Switzerland  url
pictures from switzerland, especially landscapes and mountain sceneries. also some shots from journeys in new zealand, iceland, philippines, scotland, maldives and others... enjoy and thanks for visiting!
999 mil  | Argentina  url
Little pieces of myself
18mm photoblog  | Sweden  url
Learning, thinking, trying, failing, concentrating, hunting, story-telling, pretending, practicing patience, fighting, documenting, loving, hating, playing, entertaining, being disappointing, creating shapes, lines, patterns and colors and eternity
Moments like this  | Germany  url
A photoblog by Uwe Eischens

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Hotaru  | Germany  url
photos of my adventures, explorations, and passions in art, architecture, and culture
Vampirko's photoblog  | Russia  url
vampirko's photoblog
JN Stock Photography  | Spain  url
creative images for your business
http://zamoysky.wordpress.com  | Norway  url
Photoes and Poems,the Seen and the Unseen, Light and Dark,and the Mystery and Magic around and some Dreams, Prayers and Art and Reflections in the Mirrors of many kind.

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STE7130  | Germany  url
STE7130 - Photoblog
YYZPHOTOFX  | Canada  url
urban, streetscapes, people, architecture, travel
Kokovoko  | Spain  url
Kokovoko iphone photography project. All photographs taken using an iphone low res camera and post produced on the phone apps. The project is a diary using photography.
Sylvain Bernardin Photography  | France  url
Vous trouverez ici des photos de Normandie et de la ville du Havre ainsi que des photos r???alis???e lors de mes voyages.

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