Cool Photography Blogs - Ireland

renaissance  | Ireland  url
Seascapes, streetscapes and landscapes, where reality is stronger than reality itself...
venividi - rain only makes it nicer  | Ireland  url
Ireland through the eyes of person who came to live here.
Shane Murphy  | Ireland  url
Irish photoblogger from the Drogheda, Co. Louth area.
Kevoto  | Ireland  url
A regularly updated Irish photoblog. A mixed bag of landscapes, documentary, abstract, macro and other photography. Also included is the original shot before processing for each image - just roll your mouse over the "original" link above each shot.  | Ireland  url
hobbyist photography taken around dublin, ireland. i like taking photos into the sun.
jakiky  | Ireland  url
My Name is john my Blog is like a photographic Seafood Chowder its a mix of everything. Give a look you never know you might even like it
0101010101010101 yet another irish photoblog  | Ireland  url
0101010101010101 - yet another photoblog about Ireland and other countries
Galloping Green  | Ireland  url
Random shots from behind a lens
Flash and Flair Photography  | Ireland  url
Your daily picturesque shenanigans from the west of Ireland. Leprechauns included, and a bit of pixiedust. Landscapes | Famous Landmarks | Peoples portraits | Ancient Ireland | Nautical | Street
barytonphoto  | Ireland  url
Converting life in to pixels
Marcin Pietrasz Photography  | Ireland  url
Photoblog by Marcin Pietrasz. Photographs from around the world. Marcin is mostly interested in landscape, portrait, street and travel photography. Attempts to document his travels to different geographical locations by means of photographic expression.
Ronan Palliser's Photoblog  | Ireland  url
A near photo-a-day blog from a Dublin, Ireland based photographer offering a diverse range of subjects, distinguished from many other photoblogs by the detailed description of how the shot was taken.
Moat-hill photography  | Ireland  url
Wedding photography, technical information and workflow, Current work and images.
Frank Courtney Photography  | Ireland  url
Real Weddings and Wedding Photography. Some general photography, mainly from Ireland.
Alan Rossiter Photography  | Ireland  url
A before and after account of photographs taken, then stirred to realise the finished article.
Jennifer Farley Photography  | Ireland  url
Travel photography, flowers and informal portraits.
EyeBlinks  | Ireland  url
This is my quirky look at the world as it passes me by or occasionally collides head on with me.
Iced Coffee  | Ireland  url
Daily Photoblog from around Belfast and Northern Ireland  | Ireland  url
Photos every day (or so) from my various travels around Ireland and beyond.
100 Strangers  | Ireland  url
portraits of people i don't know
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