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Fotograf???as Urbanas  | Argentina  url
Fotograf???as urbanas de diferentes lugares, edificios, obras de arte y de encuentros de Urban Sketchers Argentina
UNYKA - PhotoBlog  | Argentina  url
Just How I see what I see. Places, Moments and People.
Martina Egli | Photo Journal  | United Kingdom  url
Daily photo journal and occasional musings.
Pencilprism  | Canada  url
Pencilprism is more than a photoblog; it's a collection of daily photo stories. The colours of the written word meet the stories that unfold when light enters through glass.
Rattling Communicator  | Malaysia  url
Being an expat I get to travel frequently. Habitually I observe and admire various things around me, be it clouds, water bodies, landscapes, cuisine culture et all. Here I express personal experiences, mostly through pictures I take!
Goldkopf Design  | Germany  url
Hochzeitsfotografie, Babyfotografie, Eventfotografie, Lifestyle Fotografie
Zoe Hoeltzel  | United States  url
an episodic collection of images by Zoe Hoeltzel, a Portland, OR photographer & inveterate observer.
Margot van Kleef Fotografie  | Netherlands  url
Daily updated photoblog. Capturing everyday things in life, playing with position, depth of field, and post-processing. Hope you like it... Thanks already for visiting!
anemonie  | Switzerland  url
Short stories in pics - and in french - with a poetic focus on meaning, color, light and shapes.
don't worry, be snappy  | Thailand  url
My lilting mantra of capturing daily images.
of the coast  | United Kingdom  url
The strange in the ordinary. Updated (nearly) every day.
Laura Ann Williams Photo  | United States  url
Photography from around Pittsburgh
toffiblog  | Germany  url
just pay me a visit, have a look and enjoy
another shoot  | United Kingdom  url
A photo a day (nearly) from around and about ;o)
Tutti's Little Things  | Brazil  url
...just another photography blog.
Shoutography.com  | Netherlands  url
Shoutography is about a photographic journey starting in Ushuaia, Argentina up north, ending in ...? ...
Bea Uhart Photography  | Belgium  url
Brussels based photographer about the city, assignments, travels... updated to Tumblr in 2014 for a more regular visual scrapbook.
Ver??nica  | Spain  url
The world around me
The Sun Sets East  | United States  url
Photos from the Middle East, Europe, and the United States. Updated Daily.
Birmingham, Alabama Daily Photo  | United States  url
A photo a day from Birmingham, The Magic City!

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