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Myriad Me  | United Kingdom url
My attempts at finding beauty in my every day life wanderings through the lense. A personal collection of images and musings.
The Centre of the World  | United Kingdom url
Photos, drawings, found images and literature from all around the world but mainly from London and the UK...
Imprints of Light  | Ireland url
Photos and thoughts from a Christian perspective.
Le Blog ?? Natell  | Greece url
Mine name is Natel, I live in Greece, I 39 years old and I am an amateur in graphics,for 5 year.
Fotografiska betraktelser  | Sweden url
A photo blog filled with daily pictures and meditations on life
Realize Gallery  | Hungary url
abstract visual moods in Hungary. Photoart, analog technology.
Near Surface Images  | Sweden url
The surfaces of the world are always near. Everywhere there are images to be conceived. With some creative vintage mobile camera filters I even imagine that I can invoke a timeless essence of things. And the stories tell themselves, without words.
LuMenezes . Fotografia & Scrapbooking  | Brazil url
specialized in children and family photography
wallican  | Belgium url
everyday life favorites
Lx3 Photos  | Spain url
Photographs taken with the Lumix LX3
Giulio's Photos - the story behind the photo  | Australia url
Every photo tells a story. However, every photo also has a story behind it. Giulio Saggin has been a photographer for over 20 years. He, and his photos, have many stories to tell. This is a collection of those photos and the stories behind them...
Photoregresiones  | Spain url
Blog del fotografo gallego Jorge Lorenzo
catturando momenti di vita  | Italy url
un blog di immagini reali di vita  | Spain url
fotos del mundo y generalmente cerca del mar
dzulichan works  | Malaysia url
suke2....nak belajo smpai pandai
Dewa Putu Kusuma Photography  | Indonesia url
Photo gallery in Indonesia and surrounding areas. Began to photograph objects of tourism, people, ceremonies and others. Look at and enjoy
Toasted Pictures  | Canada url
I love capturing landscape and the city life. But also random objects that inspire me at a certain moment.  | China url
A Dream About Kits, Love and Memories.
clik & clak  | Belgium url
Photography notebook. Travel, music, people. Belgium, Europa
imagesbynancy  | Canada url
Nancy Paiva's collection of singles in black and white with a focus on portraits and street photography

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