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Mohit Shimpi Photos  | India  url
Photographic experiences of Mohit Shimpi.
photoblog India - dotcompals Photoblog  | India  url
Photographs of people, plants, animals, and nature. photo blog from Kerala, India
Snap Shot of my World  | India  url
Collection of my photographs
My Dear Photo Blog  | India  url
My Dear Photo Blog
A Journey called Life...  | India  url
A very amateur photoblog. Powered by monotone theme for wordpress.
Pavan Kauls Images -AMBROSIA  | India  url
A film maker from India who has keenly nurtured his passion for photography since adolescence. One can spend a lifetime taking pictures which may eventually add up to just a few hours,but come to think of it, may be the sum total of ones life.
India Travel Photography  | India  url
India travel photographer Tom Carter is presently traveling across the 35 regions of India to photograph his next photo book, INDIA: Portrait of a People.
Neutral Grey  | India  url
Very recently started photography, though I was interested in it as long as I can remember. Hope you are able to enjoy my work as I embark on a journey to improve it. :)
Hegde's Photos  | India  url
Rookie photographer, shooting everyday life
Chaaya Chitra  | India  url
Daily view of my world as seen by the Canon lens.
Varnikabhanga  | India  url
A photoblog on India but that can extend to othe rcountries as well  | India  url
mindfckd  | India  url is a group photoblog run by six photography enthusiasts. It is a selection of images and perceptions.
Pictures from India  | India  url
Pictures from India
Mayank Bhatnagar : Fine Art Photography  | India  url
Fine art and nature photographs by Jaipur and New Delhi (India) based photographer Mayank Bhatnagar.
Deepa's Photoblog  | India  url
An attempt to document some moments relished by my eyes and registered by my intellect
Some Eternal Moments..  | India  url
Some Eternal Moments..
sunder iyer's photoblog  | India  url
trying to take better pictures
Shades of Light  | India  url
Photographs of Landscape, nature and architecture and other interesting things taken mostly during my travels.
magiceye  | India  url
Sights and scenes
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