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Ethnophotography by Sathya Mohan.
GirishDJoshi's Photography  | India  url
I started Photography last year. Always wanted to pursue this but don't know why I never did. Inspired by lot of a photographers who's work I have seen online. Scott Kelby being one of my favorites. Learned a lot from his books.
Naveen's Clicks  | India  url
A pic a day! Thats my motto - not my rule. Will post pics that might make you do a double take or make you think.
Geetesh Jain - Photo Blog  | India  url
Photoblog of my journeys so far
Which main? What cross? Bangalore Street Photography  | India  url
Bangalore streets were never so colourful.
Shiv Ahuja Photography  | India  url
General everyday photography with a keen focus on LIVE music as well as other performing arts.
Thru the Lens  | India  url
The blog would consist of photos clicked by me and bits of story and analysis - on my journey to become a better photographer...
Creative Genes  | India  url
Creativity is all about discovering the beauty in the simplest of things possible. This is what I have tried to do through this blog. It is dedicated to the beauty that lies in simplicity.
Aamina Nizar  | India  url
'm a Sri Lankan studying and working in India. My year is spent divided between Mumbai and Colombo. I love both my home and adopted countries and love shooting them even more.My blog basically showcases my work, all the places I've been to and the people
the old shoe box  | India  url
A place for everyday treasures.
Pushparaj Menon Photography  | India  url
My photography !!!
Shutter Imagery  | India  url
A Photoblog by Sorei Mahong
Babul Bhatt Photography  | India  url
Babul Bhatt Photography
PinPix  | India  url
The world i am seeing!
Nitin Bothra Photography  | India  url
When i see around me I see so much beauty that i never want it to go away so I decided to capture it in my camera, Then I thought why not others also get a chance to see beautiful things arnd which often get un-noticed in fast moving world.
Across Asia  | India  url
Photos from my continuing trip through Asia started in February 2007
Urban Clicks  | India  url
Shutter-ing Everything On Planet Earth and Beyond!!
photoblog India - dotcompals Photoblog  | India  url
Photographs of people, plants, animals, and nature. photo blog from Kerala, India
My Experiments With the Lens!  | India  url
A photoblog chronicling the photographs taken by me over the years, ranging from mundane daily life subjects to landscapes to macro subjects to architechture. Prime objective is to showcase India in an unconventional fashion!
Himanshu Khagta Photography  | India  url
A new photograph daily by an Indian Photographer. {Daily Updated}
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