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young is a state of mind  | India  url
17 year old photographer about to take over the world, one picture at a time
Martalli  | India  url
This blog sends small dispatches from Martalli, a very rural, remote region in southern India. The photographs focus on the lives of small-scale farmers, agricultural farm workers, and the work of a food security non-profit.
Ad-Infinitum  | India  url
My blog is a poetic description of how I see the world around me.Every small thing fascinates me and that is the reason there is no theme to my blog.
Photos from This Life  | India  url
Photographs from a regular life. some prized moments, some ordinary ones. A smorgasbord of emotions!
Life illustrated  | India  url
Life is an enigma and to me photography is just another way of unraveling it.
Urban Density  | India  url
In each photo there is much to look at, but through your skills you sort out these dense images with balanced composition and form. -- Gale Jesi ,
Pari's Photography  | India  url
Pari's Photography
Photography, Pragun  | India  url
People, streets and faces.
Its my walls  | India  url
Its my walls
he'art' beats and strokes  | India  url
reflects my heart
Photo Market - Theme Photography  | India  url
It is a theme based photoblog. A theme will be associated with around 5 photos. Themes are photographer's imaginations but sometimes straight forward. I hope, my dear photographers understand the difficulty in getting 5 photos for an imaginative theme!
KRUAIN  | India  url
This is a place where i display my photography images, updating as and when i create fresh images. People who view this site and adding their constructive criticism, comments and appreciations do inspire me to keep shooting. Thank you for your time.
Daily Delhi - City Blog  | India  url
Daily city blog about New Delhi and it's suburbs by Shashwat Nagpal
My Third Eye  | India  url
My Third Eye - Is my Camera! A photo blog that includes photographs from my travel and much more; macro, landscape, motor sports and nature photography.
Percpktika Team  | India  url
Aiming to find,integrate and provide a better platform for amateur photographers and enthusiasts,finding talented photographers,meeting professionals,developing gallery art,skills and popularity etc
Life Beyond Boredom  | India  url
My journey.
Footwa - Life through a lens  | India  url
Life through a lens, travel photography, abstract, portraits... and a blog.
kannaa muchhaale  | India  url
this blog is dedicated to the photos of indian nature,wild animals,birds,tourist places,archeological informations, history.etc.
Nevervoid Productions  | India  url
Not a mere camera owner!
Ishaan Jajodia Photography  | India  url
Street, travel, nature and portraits.
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