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zeeography  | India  url
Some hide their emotions with anger, others open up and shed tears, i bottle mine up till it kills me...
Aperture In My Horizon  | India  url
Stuck in the rut of daily life, for me my aperture is my photography. This blog is for me an opportunity to share what I see, through the eye of the lens...
5600K - the Photoblog  | India  url
Here you will find some of my random but occassional photographic indulgences.. Enjoy!
Pranav's Photography  | India  url
A photoblog by Pranav Yaddanapudi to showcase his most interesting photography work.
The Shutterbug Store  | India  url
This blog is my humble effort to display the moments that I have captured, describing the thoughts that went behind the capture.
watchtheworld  | India  url
Updated almost daily by an engineering student in Chandigarh.
jeevan  | India  url
Life. Love. Rain. Water. Nature. People. Touch. Travel. Places. Culture. Art. Bangalore. India. Are some subjects of my work.
Shutterbug  | India  url
Clip the Photos  | India  url
About photos shot, collected and clipped.
Antares  | India  url
A daily record of captures that strike various resonances in my current mood
shadows of memoirs  | India  url
A cool photo blog capturing moments of life...
Awesome Photos  | India  url
Some of the great photos I come across over the net for my reference...from flickr, and others sent to me directly.
phoogler  | India  url
trying to capture the vistas around me...
Visual Music  | India  url
I am an avid lover of everything, especially nature. Visual Music, my photoblog, is an effort to capture sights of unheard sounds, and make the unseen visible.
beautiful balcony blues  | India  url
beautiful balcony blues
Vignette  | India  url
My desperate attempts to stop a moment from running away..
dilip's photoblog  | India  url
a lil blog that mite get updated weekly (hopefully) ... !!! ...
Mital Patel  | India  url
just wanna show you my recent Hobby of Capturing Bird ... apart from that i am a professional VR photographer in INDIA.
Requiem for a dream  | India  url
random musings,world through the cynic's eyes,I had heard that a picture paints thousand words...attempting!
Sush's PhotoBlog  | India  url
See it for yourself.
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