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Feeling similar to you  | Japan  url
Photos of City of Nagoya, the center of Japan. There are a lot of beautiful and interesting things. I hope you'll like them!!
Ant Lusby  | Japan  url
Photos from my travels around the world and in Japan.
dave_snaps  | Japan  url
A lazy photog snapping away in Japan. Interesting places, things, folks and more just the way I see it through my cam. If you'd like to see a particular photo let me know and if I don't have it, I can go snap it just as long as it is a realistic request!
Kz View  | Japan  url
Snap photographs of Japan and notes  | Japan  url
Keiichi Budenmayer in Yokohama  | Japan  url
Language of my life
Quiet Time in the Daily Life  | Japan  url
Quiet time with monochrome photos.
PaLaKa  | Japan  url
A bit'o this, and a bit'o that...please visit...:-)
The Life Electronic  | Japan  url
Photos I've taken around Nagoya and on my vacations. I am a film photographer using old film cameras.
.: WHERE'S MY CONSIDERING CAP? :.: photoblog in Japan :.  | Japan  url
These are daily images shot from Japanese UNespecial life. Most of them are taken in Sagamihara and Machida where bedroom subeurb are spreaded widly.I'm not good at English wrightings.For mistaikes,please be patient
45???  | Japan  url
i love photography
NO PHOTO NO MUSIC ??? NO LIFE  | Japan  url
Daily photos.
sometimes fine.  | Japan  url
I convey the message from casual daily life with a photograph and a text.
Human Nature  | Japan  url
Photoblog of WABIKOJA. Daily photos from Shiga, Kyoto, Japan. I like old buildings and traces of life.
refrain ..monochrome  | Japan  url
Black & white photography.  | Japan  url
Sometimes funny, sometimes strange, now and then beautiful Tokyo
Sya-shinjitsu  | Japan  url
The beauty of Japan is shown.
HiCaLi.NeT  | Japan  url
Japan life through the eyes of an amused Gaijin
Shyma Gallery  | Japan  url
Photo diary
CephalopodDreams  | Japan  url
Moved to Japan in 1998 after university for 3 years, then moved to DC for the next 7. In 2008 I moved back to Japan and, upon my arrival, I purchased a used Canon 40D and a couple of lenses to chronicle our life and travels throughout Japan (especially Y
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