Cool Photography Blogs - Canada

The Things I See  | Canada  url
The blog is about black and white images of places I've seen in my travels and at home. There are also galleries along the same lines of interest. I am primarily and black and white shooter, enjoy seeing other photographers work.
Latent Image Photoblog  | Canada  url
Images of the City of Toronto, Canada and other cities visited by the photographer such as Vancouver, Calgary and Beyond.
Ma Vie Clich?e  | Canada  url
A daily updated blog about issues and people that cross my path. Photojournalism, reportage, portrait, black and white and landscape.
Light Abstractions  | Canada  url
decaying subjects, abstracts, visual poetry, minimalist
Arctic Photo  | Canada  url
We????re a small group of Yellowknife-based people living in the NWT that really enjoy photography, but don????t make it our living. It????s a simple site with a simple goal: post one photo per day per week per photographer about life in the N
Edith Levy Photography - Writing with Light  | Canada  url
"Project 52" was born out of an increasing desire to pursue my photographic endeavours and unleash my creativity. My commitment is to post new photos at least weekly if not more often. Learning, Growing, Sharing in all things photographic.
spark  | Canada  url
Spark Project: tending the habit of daily observation, the practice of simply looking and paying attention, the project is a way of slowing down time, marking each day.
Threeark  | Canada  url
Documentary and surrealist photographer Threeark.
fotochuk- Wildlife & Travel Photography  | Canada  url
Outdoor photography specializing in scenic, whale, safari, sea-life, wildlife and travel photography by Darcy Michaelchuk, St Albert, Alberta, Canada.
Euphemism of lies  | Canada  url
Images of life everywhere!
picaday  | Canada  url
This blog is my effort to capture an image everyday, even if only as as going about day to day activities
filmcamera999  | Canada  url
film photography using classic vintage cameras
Hot Dogs, Get Your Hot Dogs Here  | Canada  url
A somewhat daily photoblog
hollow house photography  | Canada  url
A drive-by photoblog from the street. You know how it is.
Commercial Photography  | Canada  url
Focuses on the world of professional photography in the areas of Editorial, Commercial, Travel and a few other disciplines of photography. Stories, Tips and thoughts from one of Canada's top photographers.
moonarc  | Canada  url
Mehrdad Tavakkolian Photoblog since 2005 Rush photos which I like to share with you!
Alexandre Dubois  | Canada  url
Street photography, urban lifestyle, people and simple things of life.
aamora  | Canada  url
a playland for photographers, artists and writers from all over the world
Totally Like me  | Canada  url
an exploration of the everyday...
fotoRoland  | Canada  url
A collection of landscapes, nature and natural abstracts taken mostly on wanderings around the Squamish Estuary, British Columbia, Canada.
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