Cool Photography Blogs - Canada

Angelina and Chris' Photoblog  | Canada  url
Just an other photoblog from Canada's Capital
thelastspot  | Canada  url
Mostly it is set in Victoria, BC. I blame a recent lack of travel and the fact that we just happen to be on an Island. So far almost everything here is shot with a Nikon D80.
Abbey Graphics Spotlight  | Canada  url
Daily Images from Abbey Graphics Photographer
These Modern Socks  | Canada  url
One photo every day.
Bits and pieces  | Canada  url
My photoblog is a collection of pictures sometimes organized sometimes not, mostly like pieces of a puzzle I try to solve.
A Walk on Earth  | Canada  url
A walk on Earth, but mostly around Toronto
Traceimages  | Canada  url
My interest is in nature and landscape photography although I enjoy all types of photography.
Frames of MiKS Media  | Canada  url
A personal journey of an amateur photographer based in Edmonton Alberta Canada that loves taking photos and sharing them with the world.
360 Degrees of Freedom Space  | Canada  url
Photo blog of Victor Lam. Landscape, nature, lifestyle and all.
david watson photography  | Canada  url
mostly wildlife photo's.
view from underneath  | Canada  url
semi daily visions of things that are goin' on in my life
Magic Moments  | Canada  url
shots captured by an amateur Canadian photographer and outdoor enthusiast.
The Silver Mine  | Canada  url
A blog about Photography: Inspiring images from all genres. Anything form fine-art, to documentary, fashion, great masters of the past, and new up-and-coming talent.
pixeldarkroom  | Canada  url
one photograph a day - 365 photographs in a year
Canada and Beyond  | Canada  url
Photography of LANDSCAPES, PEOPLE, and the things in-between! Please visit, thank you!
1 Love London  | Canada  url
Creative expression of my travels and life. Looking to bring out the creativity that is under the surface in London Ontario.
One Photo a Day  | Canada  url
One picture a day! Beautiful nature, urban and people photography.
staticpixel  | Canada  url
Various for fun photos from a Vancouver wedding and event photographer.
JPG: RC  | Canada  url
Where I have been.
thebigtim  | Canada  url
Available light, urban, 'chance' photography
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