Cool Photography Blogs - Canada

Kirill Surov Photography  | Canada  url
Black and white analogue photography
McGillveray Studios  | Canada  url
A general photo blog with reviews, travel, news, and so much more.
Tristan Shouldice  | Canada  url
Photography as I see it.
Still.Motion.Image  | Canada  url
yummy card company  | Canada  url
Photos by Yumi Sato
Land(E)scapes  | Canada  url
LandEscapes explores the aesthetics of the everyday through abstract visual stories about the city.  | Canada  url
Photography by Carrie Musgrave.
p h o t o p i a :: photographs by HiMY SYeD  | Canada  url
Experimental phoblography which continually disappoints regulars and intrigues lurkers into commenting ;-O
EssPea | Photography  | Canada  url
Welcome. What you see on this page will be the best shots from my photography experiments. Your comments/suggestions are really appreciated.
a glimpse at life :: a personal photoblog  | Canada  url
A personal photoblog from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Images updated at least once weekly, sometimes more frequently, sometimes less on no particular theme. You'll find experimental shots as well as boring ones.
D-S-S  | Canada  url
My view toward the lens when my life is not 24 frame per second.
kompot photo  | Canada  url
A Toronto architect's view of the world.
Rookie Photographer Gone Wild  | Canada  url
A rookie photographer shares his daily photo and discusses his learning process. He is seeking honest feedback, welcoming the harshest of critics to weigh in on what could be done better.
convolve  | Canada  url
Photography in and around Toronto.
often overlooked  | Canada  url
The photoblog of Kyle A. McKeown - Updated M-W-F
Photosapience Daily  | Canada  url
Some of the photos I took in my backyard with a toy camera. Others I took in places far away with a dSLR.
anthropy  | Canada  url
photo as a living... color or b&w... french & english...  | Canada  url
Daily photoblog of works by Toronto photographer, Tanja-Tiziana. From vintage film shots to digital portraits and lots of street captures in between.
my daily image  | Canada  url
A different picture is taken each day and posted on my blog. The pictures are taken on the actual day they are posted on. Influenced by the likes of William Eggleston, Robert Adams, and to an extent Gregory Crewdson, the images attempt to capture the ordi
SMLGphotos  | Canada  url
Just a guy in a city with a camera. Twice-a-day photos from a simple photographer.
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