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A Million Little Pixels  | Canada  url
Throw another box on the fire
vantranphotography  | Canada  url
Photographs from an Ottawa photographer.
Eyes Wide Open  | Canada  url
Amateur, passionate about photography. Camera always with me, always have my eyes open for a good angle on whatever is photoworthy. I don't have a style yet, perhaps one will develop.
apocalyps'  | Canada  url
a daily photoblog, capturing the city of Toronto, its people, and wildlife.
low resolution  | Canada  url
low resolution is staging ground for ideas, experiments and play with interactive experience and aesthetics.
Doug Jones Photography  | Canada  url
a photo a day blog based in St. John's, Newfoundland.
Reuben Krabbe  | Canada  url
Action Sports, Architecture and Commercial Advertising photographer Reuben Krabbe explores recent shoots and teaches a variety of skills and techniques.
Strolling Around...  | Canada  url
Pics taken during my stolls around the world... Most of them are from Japan (lived there a year and a half); but I'll mostelikely start with Canadian pics very shortly as I just moved there :-)
PHOTOJENIC  | Canada  url
Born and raised in Muskoka, I have been guilty of taking the beauty of this area for granted. When I started to photograph it, I gained a whole new appreciation for this special part of Ontario. It's been great fun being able to share it!
metaEdge dot ca  | Canada  url
Random photos from my daily ventures.
photic  | Canada  url
A very amateur photographer taking shots around Vancouver or wherever I happen to be. I'm trying to post once a day, but can't guarantee anything.
Touch my Striate Cortex  | Canada  url
A very mixed bag of styles and experiments.
See Between the Shots  | Canada  url
Every day we wake up and look at the world around us. But what does everyone see?
Geyer Studio's Blog  | Canada  url
Techniques, Images, and Thoughts
Shutters Without Borders  | Canada  url
A weekly photoblog with participants all over the world!
Layman's Lens  | Canada  url
A new photo every day or two...
Foto-Dad  | Canada  url
I'm a hubby, a daddy, and a hobbyist photographer...The blog is my means of connecting with people from around the world that I normally wouldn't have to opportunity to connect with... share some thoughts, some ramblings, some ideas, and some photos.
Documentary of Life through the Lens  | Canada  url
This photo journal consists of sights in and around Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This journal that marks my continual effort to being a better photographer. -
Caledon Editions/Yuri Yakubiw  | Canada  url
This is my first attempt at a photo blog. Some of the initial images will be sourced from photos I have taken over the past few years until I can catch up to the present... enjoy!
small things photography  | Canada  url
macro photography of everyday things
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