Cool Photography Blogs - Germany - Photography by Oliver Schaef  | Germany  url
My definition of the moment, this is my slogan. Every picture is something special - every picture is a moment of the life, my life - every picture is a view from one angle, my angle - every picture freeze the moment which will never happen again...
del'yks  | Germany  url
photos from places, things, peoples, nature, stuff & more
CONTENTOX  | Germany  url
Landscape, animals, places, peoples, nature and portraiture photography.
Fotografie Robert Toralf Scholz  | Germany  url
Streetphotography, Travel,...
TRACEBACK photoblog  | Germany  url
pictures from all around the world
Assensus - Photography by Reiner M??ller  | Germany  url
Photography as reflection of everyday's life. Landscapes, Street Photography, Portraits, etc.
somerandomshots  | Germany  url
As the name suggests: some random shots, updated daily. - daily photo  | Germany  url
Daily Impressions from Afghanistan, Laos, Myanmar (Burma), Europe and some other places around. Enjoy them! Photos by Omar Sayami
Intelligent Cloud  | Germany  url
A collection of ubanscapes to remember as the days go by.
oldshutterhand  | Germany  url
photos from people and places all over the world, germany, bavaria and franconia
katharina fitz street photography  | Germany  url
My photoblog is about everydays life in the streets trying to tranform the present in a moment of past rememberings. Most of my work is done in Berlin, Vienna, Barcelona and Perpignan. Hope you enjoy!!!
FrankfurterBilder  | Germany  url
Cities are living habitats no museums. Cities are subject to constant change. This applies especially to Frankfurt am Main. Its skyline is changing at an increasing pace. New city districts are emerging and streets are changing their faces.
xxx  | Germany  url
lexpop photoblog  | Germany  url
dairy of seeing
tripleman  | Germany  url
I've lived my whole life in Canada. Until now. I made a big move and am now living in Germany. It's quite a change and I'm totally loving it. With so many new things to see, it's hard to put the camera down anymore.
have a look at  | Germany  url
whats there to describe? a website with photos. :)
Unentdecktes Land  | Germany  url
Human - Urban - Natur - Abstrakt
[ pixel.posing ]  | Germany  url
Little things are important. Simple pictures for a complex world. [Photographie]  | Germany  url
Zwischen L??neburg, Hamburg and La Gomera
das Mischlicht  | Germany  url
"das Mischlicht" ein PhotoBlog aus Berlin. Hier finden sich hauptsächlich minimal und abstrakte Photographien. Allerdings bleibt Photo-Herz und -Auge auch für andere Motive offen. You are welcome!
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