Cool Photography Blogs - Germany

Sam Durrant Photography  | Germany  url
SDP: Nature, portrait, landscape, travel & live music photogrphy.
Blickdicht  | Germany  url
Pure photography. Landscapes, Light-exepriments, Portraits. Just following the eye.
EliasKlemmPhotography  | Germany  url
Only a view Shots...
Petrasgraphy  | Germany  url
Hi, my name is Andre Petras and I live in Duisburg (Germany). On this photoblog, I present my images I took until now in different locations.
Photography is creating past  | Germany  url
A photographic diary, a bunch of notes, a sack of seeds ready to grow flowers from. Or trees. One day.
Bastian Thau < fotoblog  | Germany  url
some of my pictures...
onemohr photography  | Germany  url
regular posts on projects and equipment as well as tutorials by photographer carsten mohr, focussing on people, nature and urban, with image galleries
nachgeschaerft  | Germany  url
concerts, nature and other things
intwoo  | Germany  url
intwoo photograhy: art_design_food_travel_culture
Simon Frohn // Photography  | Germany  url
Here you can find a selection of photos showing, uncovering striking situations and decisive moments hidden behind daily life. My favorite shooting locations include major european cities such as London, Paris and Berlin.
Laura mit Kamera - Laura with Camera  | Germany  url
I've been taking pictures since I was a kid and it became more and more important for me. It's one way for me to express myself and what I see around me. On my blog I show my photos to the world, because maybe someone will see something in them, too.
mm photografix  | Germany  url
A young photographer shows the beauty of the everyday life in his pictures.
nellessal  | Germany  url
photos by nellessal
visualisarium  | Germany  url
Oliver Nieder Photography
random images  | Germany  url
Just some space to show my tries to make great photos.
tageswerk  | Germany  url
just a platform to bring up some photographic memories, store and review them.
Blende8  | Germany  url
Blende8 is the photoblog by Michael Herfort. With things that impressed me in a way that I like to share them with you.  | Germany  url
my individual and subjective viewfinder - or: just another photoblog. at the moment mostly concerned with the relation between appearence and reality respectively the differece between natural and artificial world(s).
chris penning photography  | Germany  url
HDR, landscape, oldtimer and more by chris penning
*f1984  | Germany  url
Christian Hoffmann Photography travel, portrait & nice moments...
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