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Fotografie ist meine Leidenschaft wie Handball und Amateurfunk . Fotografie Richtungen : Panorama , Makro , HDR , Sport vor allem Handball aber auch Reise Berichte usw. | what happens...  | Germany  url is a photo project that tries to show things from an other point of view. travels through the world and foreign countries to find other perspectives.
Optical Overflow  | Germany  url
Art of the Moment
Uncooked Food  | Germany  url
Random photography from Dortmund in Germany.
Gerald Thommes Photography  | Germany  url
travele, abstract, sport, concerts and event pics (development cooperation)
Foto-Blog  | Germany  url
Ein Fotoblog mit Fotos aus aller Welt, Reiseberichte und Fotoreportage. Digitale Fotografie als Hobby. Portfolio und Foto Gallery.
LensPlay  | Germany  url
In 2007 I bought a Panasonic Lumix FZ 50 and started, mostly holiday like being in Irland. I'm now looking forward to get more practice, and, maybe, one of these days I use a SLR, so long I'll test and will do my best, with a little bit of luck..
sichtbar-fotogrativ  | Germany  url
I love to take photos of all those nice and/or (as far as I'm concerned) interesting things - the raindrop on a leaf, a childs beautiful gently face, the friendly pelican in the zoo or just a specially cloudy sky.
geistesblitzke  | Germany  url
all sorts of random pictures of where I go and what I see. looking for the beauty in detail.
markustecza  | Germany  url
nothing to write home about
photostrolling | to w[o]ander about photography  | Germany  url
This blog is a blog about learning, experimenting and thinking about photography. I would love to have an exchange of thoughts and ideas, to learn and evolve together.  | Germany  url
people, analog, nude, blurry, sharp, emotion, in color, landscape, urban, digital, vested, motion, black and white...  | Germany  url
Hobby Photo Blog and Galleries with photos of the following topics:Nature, Landscape, Greece, countries, cities, technology and more
taytom's blog  | Germany  url
wannabe-photographer, digital, analog and mobile
linsenkappe  | Germany  url
personal photoblog project of michael grosshans
Ronny Ritschel Photography  | Germany  url
This is a new photoblog about black and white photography. You will see some selected photos from my portfolio. /Street/Landscape/Urban/Architecture/
ZPhoto  | Germany  url
A photoblog of a 21 years old photographer - I try to hold it up to date as often as possible
NETMITT  | Germany  url
Nette Mittelstaedt Photography is a female photographer of visual images and a photographic artist who enjoys capturing a variety of subjects.
bp  | Germany  url
Photographs by Boris Pulyer especially from China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Pakistan, Mexico and Germany.
Mausmalerei  | Germany  url
Blog des Berliner Autoren und Fotografen Ronald Puhle
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